Motor Home Insurance in Texas

Many people in the Austin, TX area own motorhomes and other similar types of recreational vehicles. Insurance issues and requirements are not always obvious, as recreational vehicles and motorhomes can be used in many different ways. Here is a useful overview of motorhome insurance requirements in Texas and related issues.

Who needs motorhome insurance?

If a motorhome is going to be driven on the roads in Texas, it is required to have liability coverage in case of an accident, just like any other motor vehicle. This liability coverage will pay for any damage the driver causes to property or other injured people during the crash. Motorhomes that are driven should also have collision insurance to pay for damage to the vehicle if it is involved in a crash. This protects the owner and whatever financing company issued the loan on the vehicle.

A motorhome that is only towed and no loan or lien to finance the home does not require insurance, but it is still recommended. There can be some complexities in determining what insurance is necessary based on how the vehicle is used and if it can be driven. If there is any confusion related to insurance requirements, our agents at Frederick Insurance can provide answers.

Full coverage options

It is common for many owners in Texas to want full coverage for their RV, or a dealership to recommend full coverage at the time of purchase. This is beneficial because it covers accidents, theft, vandalism, severe weather damage, and vehicle repairs.

Learning more about motorhome insurance

Our agents from Frederick Insurance, who serve the Austin, TX area, are available to answer any additional questions about motor home insurance. Don't hesitate to contact them to receive advice and set up a policy.

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